Marketing Small Steps to Confused Consumers for Nutrition Brand Growth

Help your consumers make small, measurable improvements in their eating and create more stickiness for your brand.

Jocko Willink is a badass. This retired Navy-SEAL’s new book, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual aims to help the extremely ordinary among us discover that, as Business Insider writer, Richard Feloni points out, “…with structure and a strict dedication to it, one can act with more efficiency and freedom.”

Let’s look at three of Jocko’s freedom-granting tips from Mr. Feloni’s piece (which most people will find impossible) and apply a simpler, alternate idea to each — something you could make part of your marketing to help people get more out of food (and endear them to your brand, forever).

Jocko’s hint: Wake up early.

“That nice, soft pillow, and the warm blanket…no one wants to leave that comfort — but if you can…get a head start on everyone else that’s still sleeping…that’s a huge piece to moving your life forward. So get up early. I know it’s hard. I don’t care. Do it anyways.”

Alternate tip: Eat early.

If people want to skip a meal to lose weight, tell them to skip dinner, when the metabolism is starting to slow. NEVER skip breakfast (or lunch for that matter) — the metabolism is cranking and will easily burn off the calories you put in — and give you energy in exchange.

Jocko’s tip: Prepare your gym clothes tonight.

“As soon as Willink wakes up, he heads to the home gym he built in his garage. And even if you don’t want to try one of the workout routines in the ‘Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual,’ you should do some form of exercise, Willink said.”

Alternate tip: Prepare tomorrow’s food tonight.

Teach your consumers to get things ready the night before the workday — including your brand’s products, of course. Create a checklist they can open and edit on their smartphones, to be sure they have adequate protein, dense carbs, vegetables and fat for tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Jocko’s tip: Ignore your office’s free food.

According to Jocko: “So what do you do in those situations? It’s really easy. Don’t eat. Don’t eat the donuts. Don’t eat the bagels. Don’t eat the slab of pizza.”

Alternate tip: Ignore the free food, but not your hunger.

That donut or pizza is hard to resist — extra hard when you’re hungry because you’ve skipped breakfast and are under fueled. Teach your consumers to eat most of their calories earlier in the day. And provide a list of desk drawer snacks (yes, including yours) they can turn to when the break room nastiness calls. Oh and how about allowing a bite of whatever it is instead of going full-on into the abyss?

Read Business Insider’s complete article on Jocko and his tips here.

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