Using Netflix to Help Market Your Nutrition Brand

How the Many Food Shows of Netflix Can Inform How Your Brand Should Talk to Consumers

Ah, Netflix. Home of day-long TV binges, forgotten blockbusters, countless hours of my life and now, a sneaky amount of delicious food porn. From baking competitions to travel programs to gourmet docu-series, your favorite streaming service has quietly become a titan of food-related entertainment. The people at Netflix have obviously seen the interest confused consumers have in learning about what they eat and are capitalizing on that interest, one show at a time. So, why can’t we, as marketers, use this information to our advantage as well? Now that we know what people are watching, let’s take a look at a handful of Netflix’s most popular food programs and what the confused consumers watching them may be looking for in your nutrition brand.

Get your popcorn, y’all:

The Show: Chef’s Table

The Premise: Each episode works as an hour-long documentary that tells the story of a world-class chef. The food is beautiful, the tone is dramatic and the chefs are framed as driven artists who take their creations exceptionally seriously. These are passionate, inciteful, skilled people who believe every bite you take should have a purpose.

The Viewer: Searches out quality ingredients. Admires the art of prestige cooking.

The Play: A fan of Chef’s Table admires the artfulness of food. Art can demand a larger price point, but these people will go the extra dollar for food with something to say. Create a brand with a purpose or a flavor that you are truly passionate about, and fight for your message with every chance you get. Or just make your brand, like, really pretty.

The Show: Ugly Delicious

The Premise: Celebrity chef, David Chang claims he has reached a point where he is “OK making really ugly food.” This fun, and occasionally weird, show follows him and his pals as they travel the world and explore comfort food favorites like pizza, tacos, fried chicken and more. Food is again, treated as an art, but the plating doesn’t matter. This is about the creativity, flavor, inclusiveness and real food that people will really enjoy.

The Viewer: Isn’t afraid to try new things. Desires flavor first. Appreciates quality, but doesn’t care about something being “prestige.”

The Play: When you’re selling nutritional food, it’s very tempting to focus on the science behind the food. Fans of Ugly Delicious don’t care. You also might feel pressured to make everything feel uniformly beautiful. They don’t care about that either. Make a product that is creative, tastes good, and is accessible to everyone and let them nosh away. To them, real food, is imperfect.

The Show: Rotten

The Premise: Unlike the others on this list, this show doesn’t focus on mouthwatering escapism. Instead, it digs deep into the food you eat, tracing it back to production and exposing all the not-so-appetizing corruption and greed that goes into your dinner.

The Viewer: Questions their surroundings and their food labels.

The Play: Honesty is the best policy. These people understand that feeding people is a business, and question the motives behind the industry. As a nutrition brand, you have the opportunity to make the food industry a more transparent and trusting place. Do your best to help your customers understand what is in your food, how it’s made and what you stand for. If you have nothing to hide, your consumers will have nothing to question or fear.

Ok, that’s all I have to say about TV.

Be digestible. And thanks.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

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