Marketing a Nutrition Brand That Lives Up to Its Promise (Not Its Name)

What your marketing department should really be talking about when it comes to EVOL Foods.

“LOVE” spelled backwards is “EVOL.” Evil? Really? According to the frozen-food brand’s social media accounts, it’s pronounced e-vul, which doesn’t seem much better. I could spend the rest of this article debating whether the name is a devilish distraction or an attention-grabbing denouncement of Big Food. But I won’t. Because as perplexing as the name might be, their brand story is much more straightforward — and they present it in a way that leaves no room for debate.

So let’s ignore the name for now, and dive into what makes EVOL not so bad after all. Take a quick visit to their site and you’ll find their brand promise in all-caps: “BRINGING DOWN THE BROKEN FOOD SYSTEM. ONE BITE AT A TIME.” Their statement is clear: it’s us vs. them, good vs. evil if you will.

They aren’t the first health-food brand to directly go after Big Food. But the way they do it, in the frozen aisle especially, is brand story mastery. Here are a few ways that EVOL lives up to its promise to fix what’s broken:

  1. Their Mission: “To inspire people to care about where food comes from and how it is produced, by making REAL FOOD that tastes delicious.”

To inspire people to care. That’s the good stuff right there. A brand that doesn’t just care about getting consumers to choose them in an overcrowded aisle, but a brand that actually wants to inspire people to make better food choices and create a greater change.

  1. Educating Consumers. If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I believe smart nutrition brands should be educating their consumers. Health and nutrition can be overwhelmingly complex — so brands that break it down have a better chance of building an audience. EVOL’s website lists the 4 cardinal rules of real food. It doesn’t get more simple than this:
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Artificials
  • No GMOs
  • Cage Free Eggs
  1. Taking Action. And by this, I mean that EVOL puts their compostable bowl where their mouth is.
  2. Addressing the “frozen” issue – There’s a reason why many health-conscious consumers avoid the frozen aisle like it’s trans-fat. Most frozen meals, although convenient, are filled with artificial colors and devoid of nutrients. EVOL takes what could be seen as their greatest weakness as a health brand and turns it into a rallying cry for embracing health and convenience: “The microwave is still the fastest way to cook food. And if you put something good inside of it, chances are whatever comes out will be good, too. Just a lot warmer.”

For the confused consumer with limited time on their hands to make a good decision and a good meal — EVOL stands out. The simplicity of the messaged backed by real-life follow through rescues this brand from it’s mystifying moniker — and who knows, maybe EVOL is starting to grow on me.

Lessons learned? Set a strong mission and follow through. Actions speaker louder than names. And it’s possible to turn your greatest weakness into your biggest strength.

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Be digestible. And thanks.

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