Nutrition Marketing That Turns Lemons into Lemonade

When you’ve found the passion that drives a great brand story, don’t dilute it. Instead, let it be a part of everything you do, internally and externally.

Go to super-simple lemonade brand 4P’s homepage, read the long version of founder Will Boyle’s origin story and you’ll get a passionate taste for what this brand is all about — saving forests and saving people from overly processed, garbage drinks (and food).

It’s a good tale, told from the perspective of a boy who became a man who wanted to do better for humans and nature.

In fact, when I asked Will to tell me the essence of his brand in one sentence, he responded, “4Pure was born from a simple commitment to do good for all by being better for you.”

Love it — it ties the human part to the nature part, kind of creating a circle-of-life narrative. If we do better on behalf of both growing things and ourselves, everyone wins.

While 4P has a great story — they do what so many brands do — they leave money on the table. Because that great backstory should to be tied to the product in excess. But what I fear for 4P — and so many other brands (maybe yours?), is that we lose that story in favor of a lesser story — the necessary, yet dreaded free-froms. In 4P’s case, those free-froms are the first things you see on the website. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that far too many brands, when asked, “What’s your story,” kick off with a list of attributes others may have.

So what do you do? Tie the free-froms TO the story. Let them flow from it.

Here’s an idea for how 4P could do that:

Use the old adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 4P could twist it slightly by saying, “When life gives you lemons, make a BETTER lemonade.”

What’s so great about this thought?

  • It’s relatable — we all know what the original euphemism means: Turn problems into opportunities. It’s an optimistic thought that immediately gets people on your side.
  • It flows into the story — Will lamented the destruction of forests, his childhood playground (LIFE LEMONS). Will lamented the junk that gets passed off as refreshing beverages (LIFE LEMONS). And he’s solving both these issues by making a garbage-free lemonade (insert free-froms here), the proceeds from which are helping the brand plant trees. Boom goes the lemon-shaped dynamite.
  • It’s a catchy, yet meaningful phrase that can be repeated over and over and over. The brand can tie it to demos and events. They can put it on the trade show booth and ask people to ask them what it means (after which the representative will start with the real story and not the free-froms). They can tie contests to it (tell us how you’ve turned lemons into better lemonade in your life and win).

Is THAT idea the only idea?  Of course not — but the thinking behind it is sound. It’ll make marketing easier and more effective — and it’ll help consumers know they’re drinking something from a brand that wants to do good for all, beyond the bottle.

If you’re still not sure what to do, let’s chat.

Be digestible. And thanks.

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Eric Kiker: Speaker

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