Gluten-Free is More than a Bandwagon: Marketing Nutrition that Backs it Up

Glutino is the O.G. of gluten-free foods. Their marketing focuses on being a solution for celiac, how else can this brand grow their audience?

I’ve been gluten free for about three years. For me, it’s because of a gluten-intolerance, for some, it’s a choice to be healthier. No matter the case, there’s a common misperception that “gluten-free” is simply a diet trend. But this is not a bandwagon. Just take a look at Glutino. This g-free brand has been around since the 80s — a time when their products were stuck over in the diabetic portion of the Health and Beauty aisle.

Glutino was the first brand to lead the charge in creating delicious, snackable, gluten-free foods. And those who had suffered or wanted to control what went in their bodies, didn’t have to make as many sacrifices anymore.

Here are a few ways Glutino continues to win in this post-gluten world:

  • Unbeatable recipes – This isn’t food that the gluten-intolerant eat begrudgingly. It’s food that’s celebrated, because it actually tastes good. Glutino sets the bar high for recipe and taste. It’s never the stereotypical fall-apart-before-it-hits-your-mouth alternative.
  • They listen to their consumers – Most of Glutino’s products are made based on what people ask for. English Muffins? Pretzels? They got ‘em.
  • “Life fully” — I love that Glutino’s story is focused on the impact they can have in people’s lives. Their food removes boundaries and allows people to perform at the top of their games.

And here’s how I think Glutino could punch up their marketing to stay at the helm of gluten-free foods:

  • Own their history — Being the first comes with the advantage of feeling authentic and true to your beliefs. I think Glutino could use this more to their advantage. Their website does a great job of educating on celiac disease and offering resources, but I want to see them own their foresight in the gluten-free market. I want to see them say, “Trust us, because we’ve always known the benefits, and we’ll always be first to bring new stuff to you.”
  • Put a fist in the air — Something Glutino does really well is relate to those who suffer from celiac and gluten-intolerance. However, many people are gluten-free because it just feels better. Although Glutino has become much more personable in recent years, the brand still feels a bit cold. Up the volume on behalf of the consumer.
  • I’d love to see “Live Fully” more realized in their packaging and their marketing. What stories can they tell? How else can they make an impact? If Glutino can answer these questions, they’ll secure a lasting spot among the gluten-free out there, me included.

I love taking a look at how stories can evolve to grow a brand. If you’d like my help with your nutrition brand, let’s chat.

Be digestible, and thanks.

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