Get Creative with Your Nutrition Brand Marketing and Enjoy Sweeter Success

Smart Sweets proves, getting creative and knowing your audience is the way to hearts (and pantries). What can you learn here, sugar?

Nutritious candy is a rising trend with the Whole Foodies. One of my personal favorites is Smart Sweets, a gummy bear, etc. brand with 85% less sugar than the normal stuff. Don’t worry kids — your Halloween candy is still safe. These snackable bags taste just like your favorite sweet treats, minus the sugar freak out.

The brand was created by then-23-year-old Tara Bosch who experimented in her kitchen to cook up a candy that could satisfy her cravings without all the sugar. She and her brand may be young, but it’s this youth and innovation (plus some super-colorful packaging) that really makes these sweets pop. Here are some of my favorite things this brand is doing:

  1. Halloween takeover – Just a couple weeks ago, the brand launched its fun-size Halloween snack packs. This move allows Smart Sweets to compete with those mixed bags of mini-candies that seem to dominate the Halloween take. And what kid wouldn’t want to end up with this fun neon bag in their haul?

The Halloween pack also comes with stickers that encourage customers to dress up their bags with trendy emoji-like outfits — a unicorn headband and Harry Potter glasses are just two examples. Certifiably Instagrammable.

  1. #KickSugar – Speaking of social content, Smart Sweets has defined their mission in two quick words that make for a memorable hashtag: #KickSugar. Like I said, this brand seems to be made for Insta.
  2. Build Your Own Box – You can find Smart Sweets in Whole Foods — or you can do the millennial thing and just order the subscription box online. Customers can mix and match their boxes with 14 bags of Smart Sweets and have it all delivered straight to the door.

I think this idea works great for the brand since way-better-for-you candy isn’t readily available at the nearest corner store (or anywhere). Subscription boxes can help new brands go from being a novelty item to becoming a staple in their customer’s pantries.

Those were the “loves,” here’s one tip:

  • Since sugar and getting off it is such a hot topic, what would happen if Smart Sweets helped people be smart about sugar? Instead of just slashing it like the lead character in the latest Nightmare on Elm Street, the brand could help people know where best to “spend” their sugar calories — and help them eat better while feeling like a normal human.

Smart Sweets isn’t backed by another massive food brand, but they’ve spent wisely on creative strategic thinking. Proving that an innovative product paired with a sound marketing strategy can go far. If you need help with either, let’s chat.

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