Nutrition Marketing That Makes the Truth Easy to Swallow

Your food brand has to decide between truth and spin, between helping people and only helping yourself — take a page out of The New Primal’s book if you’re deciding on the former rather than the latter.

There’s never been a better (or worse?) time for content. Anyone with a url or social media account, including me, can churn the stuff out. But ever since I met them at Expo West 2018, the guys at The New Primal have helped keep this wanna be wanting to help. They know I need to make a living, but they’ve engaged with my dumb little blog, never categorizing me as a guy trying to make a sale.

What’s the point? It’s simple: their people-ness is the same as their brand — honest, helpful and just damned nice.

Look at the story — meat snacks were loaded with crap, so they changed the game — grass-fed (and finished), no added sugar or soy. They hooked up with Whole30, the pretty-damned-awesome-too program that helps people reset, get the garbage out of their diets and actually start to recalibrate their sugar-addicted tastes. Their new sauces, same story — clean, good and yeah, healthy.

To get a little deeper, I asked Jason Burke, Chief Hunter-Gatherer and David Paul Miller, VP Sales to answer a few questions. Here are the highlights:

How do you use your origin story beyond decoration on the package?

Jason: Our origin story plays a significant role in informing our core values. When talking to retail buyers, our intent with the story is to explain the gap we discovered in the market.

What are you guys rallying for and railing against?

Jason: We’re rallying for more choice. We’re pushing retailers to offer more space to authentic food brands who make products with integrity.

David: We’re railing against brands that, as opposed to clarifying and helping the consumer navigate options, further muddy the waters of the already tricky maze of Consumer Packaged Goods.

How are you helping people understand what to eat to get their bodies to behave?

David: The use of social media, speaking engagements and very open dialogue with our fans and followers are pieces of it. Long term, our mission includes…working with folks in retail, distribution and government to expand the products and education into schools, hospital systems and beyond.

So based on everything above, where do I think The New Primal could find opportunity?

  • Own the idea of “recalibrating” our tastes — they could even do an eat-the-whole-pint of ice cream that gets less sweet as you get closer to the bottom. Or just a less-sweet ice cream, period.
  • Help normal people balance the plate — put meat jerky along with dried vegetable and dried root veg in the same separated pack to teach protein/fat/carb/veg/fiber balance.
  • Go outside the product to teach people about humanely raised meat and fish in all forms, not just jerky.

Anyway, keep it up Jason, David and everyone at The New Primal — RESPECT!

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Be digestible. And thanks.

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