How Influencers Can Keep Your Nutrition Brand Fresh

What you can learn from HelloFresh on making your social media game about more than just some pretty food photos.

As much as I try to live by the no phones at the dinner table rule— It’s hard to resist pulling out that appendage to snap a pic of an artfully plated meal. And I’m not alone — especially since that photo of an eye-popping smoothie bowl can get as many likes as a famous celeb these days.

One brand that’s capitalized on food-fame is meal subscription service, HelloFresh. Their clever use of influencer marketing has created a unique brand story that’s all about the benefits of convenient, nutritious home cooking.

Here’s what you can learn from this brand’s fresh marketing:

Share Your Stories: HelloFresh clearly invests heavily in influencers with names such as Mandy Moore, Audrina Patridge, and vegan food blogger Emilie Hebert. But the real value from these posts comes in the form of the stories the brand asks their influencers to share (along with a beautifully staged food shot).

Focusing on real life and convenience shows the benefits of meal subscription in an authentic way. Paired with a discount code and a few simple hashtags that encourage people to share their own stories, HelloFresh has figured out a way to make their brand story go viral.

Know Your Audience: Female millennials dominate HelloFresh’s audience, compared to Blue Apron which attracts a wider range and more males. While millennials might be known as the most food-conscious generation, they also like things on-demand. Right where they want, when they want it.

A few posts ago, I talked about how brands can excel by combining nutrition with convenience. HelloFresh makes sure to emphasize convenience as one of their main selling points while still educating their audience on where the food comes from. Check out their Meet Our Suppliers page. Meal subscription boxes make “farm to table” a simple, attainable process. Convenience and information placed right in front of the consumer is an easy recipe for helping people understand what to eat, which is my mantra.

Keep Your Eyes on the Future: Anytime there’s a new concept in the food space, the copies come out of the food-science woodwork. In just six years, HelloFresh has attained $1 billion in annual sales — but has also gained 150 direct competitors.

The company decided to diversify its product line by going back to what it sought to get away from — the grocery aisle. HelloFresh’s retail meal kits are still reminiscent of their delivery product, coming packaged with all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal in less than 30 minutes.

I’ve been a little down on meal kits, but I truly hope all this spells good news for the future of HelloFresh. They’re staying one step ahead of the competition, remaining true to convenience and fresh ingredients, and hey, this is far more than a few hard shells and some taco seasoning.

If you want any help figuring out how to apply these same principles to your brand, let’s chat.

Be digestible. And thanks.

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