Nutrition Marketing Fodder: Six Foods That Could Be the Next Avocado.

What will be the next big “It” food? Here are my predictions. What could these unsolicited opinions do for your brand?

Hey, remember when avocado was just that weird, mushy green stuff you’d find on your sandwich when you ate at your healthy friend’s house? Now, we’re spending $10 to have the neighborhood coffee shop spread it on toast. When did that happen? From the Avocadossance to the Kale Boom to Cauliflowermania, overlooked fruits and vegetables are always taking turns as the new “It” foods we nutrition-obsessed Americans can’t seem to get enough of.

Exactly why these foods blow up when they do is anyone’s guess, but betting on what’s next is fun. So, without further ado, here are six of my favorite Vegas-ready predictions, each with a digestible reason why they might be the confused consumer’s next obsession:

  1. Kiwifruit – The Futbol Effect

Kiwifruit aren’t exactly high up on the old shopping list. However, in many parts of the world, they’re an everyday staple, enjoyed with a spoon. Maybe, just like with soccer, America is just a few steps behind the curve. Plus, the brown outside/green (or yellow) inside combo just screams “Avocado 2.0.”

  1. Duck Eggs – Nutritional Redemption

Egg perception goes something like this: They were good, then they were bad, then just the whites were good, and now we’re pretty sure that the good stuff is actually in the yolk after all. In a world where putting a stick of butter in coffee is a health trend, let’s just pick an untraditional kind of egg, embrace the yolk and charge extra to put it on everything.

  1. Tiger Nuts – EXTREME Paleo

Back when our ancestors were still figuring out fire and the wheel, tiger nuts accounted for a large part of their diets, making them the most paleo-friendly food there is. On their own, tiger nuts are pretty gross. But you can use them to make horchata, which is delicious and has just enough of a story to be marketable.

  1. Beets – Purple is the New Green

Part of avocado’s appeal is its Instagrammability. Throw that green stuff on toast and it pops right off the screen. Full of nutritional qualities and pretty colors, beets could have a similar photogenic appeal. Plus, when they’re roasted, they’re pretty awesome.

  1. Garlic – Ancient Medicine for the Modern Age

As one of the world’s oldest remedies, it would make total sense for a garlic resurgence. Not that it’s unpopular to begin with, but with some marketing power behind its many health benefits, garlic could become a must-have ingredient in everything we make in the kitchen.

  1. Honeydew – The Great Fruit Makeover

Honestly, I wrote this article because I want honeydew to be the next big “It” food. Going from being the “other, other” melon to something on the menu at every hipster restaurant in America would just make me so, so happy. Hey honey(dew), start calling yourself a superfood and let’s make this thing happen.

If you want any help figuring out how to apply these same principles to your brand, let’s chat.

Be digestible. And thanks.

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