Nutrition Marketing That Tells a Story with One Look

Just Spices captures their brand purpose with vibrancy, simplicity and passion for good food. What can you learn from what they’re doing to spice up your brand?

If you’re like me, you probably have a kitchen cabinet that’s overflowing with spices. And if you’re really like me, other than salt, pepper, and a few of the other usual suspects, most of those items were purchased for one very specific recipe and have remained untouched since the day you bought them.

That’s the tension behind Just Spices, a very groovy brand that’s recognized the need for all-natural seasonings that make experimenting in the kitchen easy and fun for millennials on a budget (or chefs of any age that want cooking to be easy and fun).

I love this brand. I love the simple idea. I love their passion. And most of all, I love how they’ve taken their story and turned it into something simple and eye-catching that even the most confused consumers can understand.

Sharing the spices that make up the World’s Kitchen

Just Spices was started by a group of friends from Germany who love cooking and want to help others “spice up” their lives. Seems simple enough. But what I find most interesting, is their story of traveling the world and learning to cook authentic recipes from local chefs, and how those recipes inspired the products they aim to put in your pantry. Everyone, and millennials especially, would love to feel like they’re tasting something authentic and worldly. Just Spices has actually been around the world, and they’re sharing their favorite homecooked recipes with you.

Giving their inspiration a face

“We traveled the world, met a lot of people and then used their recipes to create this great product” isn’t exactly a super concise thought to put on the front of a package. But Just Spices has done a beautiful job of capturing the story on the shelf, with nearly no words at all. Each SKU features an illustrated portrait of the chef or person that inspired that blend. It’s a simple way to make these recipes really feel homemade and communal in a way that only a picture can.

Taking communal cooking online

Creating a steady flow of original content can be difficult, but Just Spices has smartly maintained a truly mouthwatering Instagram page. In addition to housing their own vibrant recipes, their page has become a place to showcase the talents of other aspiring Instagram chefs as well. Most of the posts have been scooped from other delicious pages that have tagged Just Spices. The result is super colorful and celebrates the creativity, community and love of cooking their delicious seasonings have inspired.

Next Steps?

Just Spices already has a great story and a great look. I would love to see them find a truly memorable tagline to match. With their passion for creativity, exploration and shared love of food, this brand feels rich with advertising opportunity. If they can sum up their passion for food and showcase their colorful characters in 30 seconds or less, they’ll have a real winner.

Still don’t know what to do, let’s chat.

Be digestible. And thanks.

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