Taking the Junk out of Nutrition Marketing

Part of gaining loyalty for your food brand involves having a clear mission on behalf of your consumers — if part of that mission is helping people eat better, take a look at what SnackNation has done, and apply those lessons.

The mission of some food brands is laser-focused. Enter SnackNation, who states it very clearly:

“We got started with this crazy idea of making healthy food more convenient than junk food, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.”

Perfect, especially when so many offices feature the old, boring source of super-junky-junk food — vending machines.

If you don’t already know, SnackNation curates healthier snack foods for a ton of brands they personally vet, boxes it all up and sends it to your office (or home). Simple. My office has been a subscriber for around a year and it’s great — saves our Office Manager a ton of time at Costco and I feel better knowing the kids are eating at least a little better.

So what is SnackNation doing really, really well.

  • They’re staying true to their mission of helping office staff eat a little healthier — management and their folks can feel good eating foods that are considerably better-made than a lot of the standard fare.
  • They’re saving someone a lot of time — as I mentioned, the Costco run can take a toll on productivity, while with SnackNation, you can do the rest of your mountain of work while the office snacks come to you.
  • They’ve tied their overall mission to a sweet give back. For every box ordered, the company donates 10 meals through their partnership with Feeding America.

Okay, that’s awesome. What could SnackNation do to help people understand what they’re eating so they can get their bodies to behave?

  • Educate, maybe right on the box, about macronutrients. We hear about “the protein craze” like we just discovered the stuff. A whole lot of people don’t know what carbs, fats and protein are, where they come from or what they do.
  • Help people balance — our people are eating too many carbs (IMO). And I know, carbs are cheaper than protein. But SnackNation could educate around balance. For example, pair a Perfect Bar (more fat and carbs) with an Epic bar (more protein), to create less of an insulin release. Translation, you’ll lose some weight. The blog has great info, but not so much about how to put the perfectly-macro-balanced snack together.
  • Create something new, called “MealNation.” Since people, especially younger generations, are foregoing meals for snacks, why not create snack-meals — again on my balance theme, pair individual snacks that add up to the perfect balance of carbs, protein and fats and get people off all the carbs.

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Be digestible. And thanks.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

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