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With all the competiton in the natural channel; with all the authentic brands getting gobbled up (and in many cases, ruined) by Big Food, it’s never been more important to make your consumers FEEL something. BeeFree gets that part, and other parts, right.

The folks at BeeFree reached out, asking if I’d like to try their products — what followed was a BIG box of their Warrior Mix and the offer of more. Could my miniscule blog help them? I don’t think they really cared — maybe they were simply being, as their name suggests, sweet.

The story is authentic and human. Jennifer Wiese’s oldest son had just been diagnosed with Autism. And while these kids are said to be “on the spectrum,” I’d imagine Jennifer and her husband were too — on an emotional spectrum between disbelief and desperation. Jennifer decided to use food as medicine and with a houseful of teenagers (how emotional is that?) started BeeFree Gluten Free.

As of this writing, the brand is nearly nine years old. From their store locator, they’ve successfully opened a fair number of doors. For me, they’re doing a lot right, starting with a product that tastes damn good, very similar to Steve’s PaleoKrunch — don’t know if that’s an homage or a happy accident.

Here’s what BeeFree is doing well:

  1. The product is great tasting and nicely-packaged — this bodes well as they attempt to spread the word and gain distribution.
  2. The ingredients and the story, are real and authentic. They say the brand exists to liberate people from junk food, but they’re neither preachy nor maudlin.
  3. Along with tempting photos of the product, the social media channels are sprinkled with messages of kindness, taking on impossible odds and a love and support of small business. All really nice and not the least bit corporate.

Now, here are a few suggestions to help BeeFree BeBigger!

  1. More SKUs please. I see a photo with cookies. I hear pizza mentioned in the video. Let’s roll out some line-extensions and make it easier for people to be “liberated from junk food.”
  2. Focus the story — while all the ingredients are there (pun), it’s a little bit like the laundry list of free-froms I get when I ask people at the food shows, “What’s your story?” It all needs to stem from something bigger. Again, I think they have the makings, let’s just bake that thing up tighter.
  3. Consider going all in on Autism. It’s estimated 1.5 million kids in America have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder — and that between 1 in 40 and 1 in 59 more will be diagnosed in the coming year. That’s nearly 2% more cases, just this year alone. What if BeeFree could make a name as the brand helping families (not just with food, but with 360º meal planning) use food as medicine? Talk about being authentic.

Best of luck to these lovely people and their incredible mission.

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Be digestible. And thanks.

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