Nutrition Marketing That Mashes it Up

Conagra’s CEO Recently Complained of Disappointing Innovation, but After Buying Pinnacle Foods, the Brand Has a Million “Mash-Up” Opportunities. How Can Your Brand, Big or Small, Use This Crazy-Cool Concept to Create Something New Without Going Back to the Drawing Board Every. Single. Time?

Video Transcript: 

Hi, it’s Eric. At The Digestible Brand, we believe if you can reduce food confusion, you can increase loyalty and stop being a commodity. Now, on LinkedIn the other day I shared an article about how Conagra, which has bought Pinnacle Foods for $10.9 billion was closing Pinnacle’s Boulder offices. Now, that’s really kind of bad. But, within the article the president and CEO of Conagra, Mr. Sean Connolly, not Connery, was quoted as saying he was disappointed in the innovation efforts of Conagra.

Mr. Connolly, not Connery, I would respectfully say you’ve already got innovation staring you in the face based on all the brands you own. Let’s do some mashups. You know what a mashup is if you’ve had a Taco Bell Cheetos Burrito, it’s two brands or sub-brands getting together and doing something new and innovative that can excite consumers. Here’s an opportunity. Conagra already owns Healthy Choice. Healthy Choice has a relatively new line of products called Power Bowls. The problem is, while there are some vegan and vegetarian Power Bowls, they’re all pretty low in protein, and in my opinion, you need a better protein, carbohydrate, and fat balance. You need to balance your macronutrients and you can lose weight without even really changing anything.

The opportunity is, now they also own Gardein, which was a Pinnacle Foods brand. By adding the Gardein plant protein to the vegan and vegetarian Healthy Choice Power Bowls, you can actually increase protein, get a better macronutrient balance, and you can reduce confusion by telling people about all of that on the back of the package. You can say, “At Conagra, we believe in helping people eat better without ever even knowing it. We’ve increased the protein in our vegan and vegetarian power bowls to give you a better macronutrient balance, and if you’re into losing weight, you might just lose some weight all by yourself or all by itself without even doing anything.” That’s my thought. I think mashups are a great idea for Conagra with Pinnacle. I’ll just say, be digestible, and thanks.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

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