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What happens when you give a SnackNation box to a fairly savvy shopper and ask her, “What’s good and bad about this stuff?” You get insights, ideas and maybe a few laughs. But I’m biased, ‘cause the shopper is my wife, Linda.

Video Transcript:

Eric: Hi, it’s Eric! So, at The Digestible Brand our belief is, if you can reduce food confusion among your consumers you can gain loyalty and keep from being just like the guy next to you on the shelf, a commodity. So, today we’re going to talk to a typical consumer who happens to be my wife, Linda, and she’s gonna pull some things out of my SnackNation box that I brought home from the office. This is video two and so she’s gonna look at some things that we didn’t look at last time.

Eric: So, there’s our SnackNation box and there’s our Linda. Say hi, hi Linda.

Linda: Hi, Hi Linda.

Eric: So grab something and tell me what you think.

Linda: Going for chips, these are really familiar, these Harvest Snaps.

Eric: Right.

Linda: Super tasty. They have peas in them, what’s not to love? Good source of fiber, I like that.

Eric: Okay do you have any questions about this thing looking at it?

Linda: Well how does it, how does it get all puffed up. I mean is there a lot of process going into this thing, making it a big puffy thing?

Eric: Would you like to know more about that?

Linda: Of course I would.

Eric: Okay grab something else.

Linda: The Best Bar Ever.

Eric: Alright, what do you think about that? It’s a pretty crazy name.

Linda: It’s good. Pretty cool-looking packaging. It tells you everything. It’s like high in protein real food, but I don’t ever believe anything in a bar that says it’s real food it always seems like it’s a compilation of food-like substances.

Eric: Okay.

Linda:  It says nothing artificial. No GMO, gluten-free, that hits a lot of buzz words for me.

Eric: Would you want to bite it?

Linda: Maybe. It has cashews, I like that, nuts. Yea I’d like to bite it.

Eric: Okay, so far so good. Grab another one.

Linda: It’s a treat. Drizzilicious

Eric: What’s up with that?

Linda: Drizzilicious, it’s a treat, it’s only 90 calories. Of course, that’s the biggest thing on the package

Eric: So they’re selling calories, which is fine. People like portion control, I guess.

Linda: I always look at the ingredients. On here and it says, cake.

Eric: Cake is an ingredient? Okay.

Linda: So, the cake part I guess, and it tells me it’s rice flour, tapioca and then it’s got whole grain yellow corn, so it’s just like a calm combination. I like the idea that it’s got flax, quinoa, and chia those are always healthy.

Eric: Okay.

Linda: But they’re kind of later on the package and I’ve always been told that if it’s later, then there’s not very much of that.

Eric: That’s right. What questions would you have for these guys?

Linda: Is this gonna fill any sort of gap in my day or is this just a big sugary sweet thing with 90 calories?

Eric: Okay, next. Last one.

Linda: Last one, nuts, the closest to real things

Eric: Yomms.

Linda: Yomms. I like it, it says, it tells you right there, chia, pecans and sesame seeds. It assures me it’s nutritious and it says energetic on the bottom.

Eric: Okay, is it like other brands that you see at the store that are nut brands, like that sweet nut, or is this something different?

Linda: No, it’s a little bit different. You don’t ever see chia seeds stuck to a nut. It’s kind of unusual. For me, it looks like it’s a straight-up product because you can see a picture of the nut with the chia so I tend to want to believe that.

Eric: Okay, cool so it’s not a commodity necessarily.

Linda: Right.

Eric: Alright, cool. That’s it.

Eric: Alright, listen, be digestible. Tell people more about your product. They want to know more. At least if Linda here is any indication and you know it from talking to your own consumers. So, tell them more, don’t think they’re gonna be bored. Use your social channels to do this stuff and stop being a commodity. Put your fist in the air on the behalf of your consumer. So, be digestible and thanks.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

Agency Principal/LRXD

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