Nutrition Marketing That Saves Dinner

Dinner is one of the biggest problems people face — but it’s not just for dinner brands to solve. Any food brand could help consumers get past this harrowing part of the day, to gain loyalty and preference. What could you learn from the latest dinner-solver, Suvie?

Meet Suvie, described by the website as, the “Smart WiFi Kitchen Robot Refrigerator and Cooker.”

It’s pretty cool. You just preload in the morning with the makings of an entire meal for up to four people, tell it when you want to eat and Suvie does the rest, refrigerating and then cooking everything at the exact right time to deliver a perfect “5-star” meal when you get home.

What? Huh? It’s a freaking miracle, right? What’s it cost? Well, as of this writing, they’re running a Kickstarter campaign and Suvie’s dinner-saving tech can be yours for the cool, buy-ahead price of just $799.00, plus the cost of their prepackaged meal ingredients (although the site claims you can prep and use your own).

Is every time-starved-food-starved person going to run out and get Suvie? At that price, probably not. Most people will just do what they’ve been doing — take-out, fighting the crowd at the Whole Foods prepared section, eating tortilla chips and white wine (red doesn’t go with corn) — all while the meal kit sits waiting in the fridge, avoided again by the exhausted people who subscribed, thinking it was going to be super fun and convenient.

So what could any food brand learn from what Suvie is doing to help its consumers face the end of the day with a fork and a smile instead of overworked-empty-belly frustration? Any brand can do it and gain loyalty through simple tips and some good, old-fashioned teaching.

  1. Talk about the simple art of “assembling.” Set up a helpful section on your site or in your social that shows a variety of meals that can be slapped together in minutes for a good, healthy dinner — one example — pre-spiraled veggie “zoodles,” a jar of good tomato sauce, some frozen veggies, all topped with a precooked protein.
  2. Teach your consumers how to create mono-meals — check out this article from yours truly for the step-by-step: here
  3. Help consumers create their own, analog take on what Suvie is doing — create a sheet pan meal in the morning or over the weekend, tuck it in the fridge (or freezer) and simply pre-heat the oven when the work day is over and have a hot, awesome dinner with zero effort.

People just need inspiration and ideas — and as I already said, you don’t have to be a dinner brand or even a meal brand to help. What would happen if your snack brand said, “We’re awesome during the day, and here’s our little tip for getting fed at dinnertime?” Why couldn’t you? You’d go beyond what the guy next to you on the shelf is doing and maybe, just maybe, help yourself by helping your consumers. That’s automatic loyalty, folks.

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Eric Kiker: Speaker

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