Nutrition Marketing That Maximizes Opportunity

Just about every food brand uses Amazon, demos and social media — but are you using each to its best advantage? Maybe not. Here’s a video with some thoughts — have a look and win more loyal consumers.

Video Transcript:

Hey, it’s Eric. Interesting story from a conversation with a perspective client the other day, they were bemoaning the fact that Amazon is not the best place to make money for some people. The margins are thin, it’s not really a great place for revenue, but we talked about the idea that it’s a great place for review. If you can build a whole bunch of great reviews on Amazon, you can use those to build a case with new retailers and open up more distribution, open up more doors.

So I got to thinking, what else are we using that maybe we could be using better? The first thing is demos. A lot of people use demos to try to sell. I say demos or the perfect place to learn. You’ve got a consumer one on one with a member of your demo team, that’s market research if you do it well. Ask these people some pointed questions, not just about your guilt-free snack, but about their lives, about how this food could maybe fit into their meal, into their day, into their lives, going beyond the product to other advice and things that could help people with the problems they have, man. I mean, we’re overweight, we don’t sleep, we don’t move, we’re stressed out, a lot of us can’t even poop, so use those demos as a market research opportunity.

Then the other thing is social. Man, most people waste social. They put up a pretty picture of the product, many from overhead, with somebody in a yoga pose or something like that. Man, that is not correct. That is a wasted opportunity. You should be using your social to educate, illuminate, transfer knowledge to your consumers and would-be consumers. One tip in each post is all it takes to help people figure out the problems that you talked about with your consumers at your demo.

Listen, Amazon’s for reviews, right, to build a case for new sales, for new retailers, for new distribution. Demos, for learning. Look at them as market research, not as selling. Then finally, social for educating, getting knowledge out there. Your competitors are not doing this man, and that’s an opportunity, and the opportunity is what we like, right? Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. Thanks for liking and commenting, and be digestible. And things.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

Agency Principal/LRXD

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