Nutrition Marketing That Stands for Better

People are confused about what to eat — and what food brands are doing to help. Applegate makes it really clear with their “Humanely Raised” positioning. What are you doing to show your consumers what you stand for — and what’s in it for them?


Hey, it’s Eric with the Thirty Second Marketing Snack, one brand and one thing that makes it digestible. Today I’m featuring Applegate, and the reason is right there, humanely raised. A lot of us meat eaters are starting to care a whole lot more about how animals live their lives. And with the rise of plant-based, and some of the guilt tripping that’s going along with it, I see a clear delineation coming between the guys that do it right, and the guys that do it wrong. So look, be digestible, like Applegate, and thanks.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

Agency Principal/LRXD
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