Nutrition marketing that tethers

What happens when you create a connection between your brand and your would-be consumer? You get some trust and dare I say, some brand love. Is it as simple as a game of tetherball? Maybe.

Hey, it’s Eric. Today’s word is tether. It’s a word we don’t use very much. And for me, that word reminds me of tetherball. It’s a game that we had in our backyard growing up where the goal is to bat this ball that’s on a rope that’s connected to a pole, back and forth until you can get it to wrap all the way around the pole and touch. And that means you win the game. And the metaphor is you and your competitor and that ball is the consumer. And man, you guys are batting that thing back and forth by talking about what a great snack you have or what a great food you have, and how guilt-free it is or permissibly indulgent it is or whatever. And you guys just keep going back and forth and that consumer just stays as far away from that pole, you, as it can possibly stay. But what would happen if you changed the rules of the game a little bit?

What if you said to that consumer, “Hey man, we understand how hard it is to know what to eat to get your body to behave.” Boom. That thing wraps around that pole a couple of times. What if you said, “Hey, we want to help you understand what food does in your body, regardless of what kind of body you have. We want to help.” Boom. A couple more wraps around that pole, and pretty soon that ball, that consumer is all the way up against you and you win the game. So my lesson or my thought, i’s not a lesson, is don’t just keep batting that thing back and forth with your competitor. Do something on behalf of that consumer that will wrap that ball around that pole and then you will win. So you want to talk about it? Drop me a comment. I’m happy to jump on the phone. No expectations, no worry. Free value. Just want to see you do better. And I want to see your customers do better. All right, that’s it for today. Be digestible and thanks.

Eric Kiker: Speaker

Author of The Digestible Brand: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Nutrition to the Confused Consumer

Agency Principal/LRXD

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