96% of people say they want to eat “healthy.” But, they’re actually baffled about what that really means.
My belief: food brands could fix the problem. This all comes from the personal: In 2011, I started a journey that’s maximized my diet and wellbeing. And now, I’m combining that learning with my marketing chops to help brands win at shelf and create consumer loyalty. Enjoy.

Nutrition Marketing That Reduces Food Fear

Reassure your consumers that ALL food is beneficial, or your brand could be the next to be avoided.

You’ve seen the obesity statistics, right? It’s staggering — like I just drank a whole bottle of vodka for breakfast, staggering. Based on that, you’d think my entire notion of people being afraid of food would be, poppycock. But according to her article, which used the advent of sugar-free diets to make a larger point, The Conversation’s Tara Leong insists we are indeed afraid of food, mainly because diets are, “…restrictive, with lists of ‘allowed’ foods (such as whole grains, blueberries and grapefruits) and ‘not allowed’ foods (such as white bread, bananas and raisins). This inadvertently promotes a diet [...]

Nutrition Marketing for a Supercharged Demo

Instead of just handing out samples, figure out what’s confusing your potential consumers at your demos — you’ll start winning loyalty right then and there.

Yes, the number one rule of marketing any food brand should be: Get it in people’s mouths. But with so many new brands, with new claims and new miracle ingredients, I’d argue, when you get someone to taste your product, you’re only taking the first bite out of the overall problem. And that problem is, people are more confused than ever about what to eat. So let’s look at some ways to make the lowly demo demonstrate a greater ROI. Why? The demo is the near-perfect time to make a personal impression on a potential consumer It’s also a [...]

Nutrition Marketing That Wins Hearts Through Minds

Consumers hear and know enough to make them skeptical about everything. But a little explanation turns that skepticism into love.

“I know enough to be dangerous.” When it comes to today’s food consumers, truer words were never spoken. Here are a few things they “know.” Organic is automatically good, even if it’s from a country with questionable organic standards Any new ingredient (i.e. adaptogens) called out on the front of a package is good — got to have that Some ingredients, buried on the back panel — specifically for this story — guar, locust bean and other “gums” are weird and bad, causing certain brands to get extra credit by saying, we don’t use those nasty gums All of [...]

Six Nutrition Marketing Steps to Help You Get Full Price

Help consumers see a relatable difference between you and the guys sitting next to you, and get in the cart even when you’re not on deal

Yeah, I know, you have to go on sale from time to time — retailers like to show value to their customers and guess who pays that freight? Yes, your brand. But this story isn’t about how not to go on deal, it’s about how to keep velocities high when your competition’s price gets slashed. Here are my six tips for getting what you’re worth, even when the other guy is on deal, working backwards from the shelf: One — Dissect the competition’s packaging: Find the gaps where those other brands are blowing it by consumers — then go [...]

What does IRI’s New Product Pacesetters Tell us About Nutrition Marketing?

Thinking about innovating your product portfolio? Take a lesson from the top sellers from 2017.

According to IRI, these ten products fared best in 2017 (there’s a separate list for convenience, but I’m sticking with MULO (moo-low), or Multi Outlet sales. First let’s look at the winners: 2017 New Product Pacesetters: Top 10 new food and beverage launches (MULO) Halo Top: $324.2m GOOD THiNS: $87.0m Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee: $67.1m Nestlé Splash: $55.2m LIFEWTR: $50.4m SMARTMADE by Smart Ones: $49.3m HERSHEY'S Cookie Layer Crunch: $47.7m Hillshire Snacking: $47.5m Well Yes!: $47.3m Cracker Barrel Macaroni & Cheese: $46.6m What do all these hot brands have in common? There’s nothing weird — no bone broth, collagen [...]

Better Nutrition Marketing by Meeting Consumers Where They Are

Match your marketing language to the sophistication of your consumers in every instance, and get better results.

There’s a lot of “blow it by them” happening in food marketing these days. For instance, at Expo West, I saw so many brands touting a single ingredient as if that was enough to get people to buy: Now with Adaptogens Now with Collagen protein Now with Turmeric Now with, “Huh?” I mean, we all know consumers get hooked by the latest buzz-ingredient — and it’s easy to just slap that magic whatever on the label and call it a day. But according to this article by FoodNavigator-USA Editor, Elaine Watson​​, there’s a better way to connect with consumers. [...]

Want better nutrition marketing? Copy.

Find great brands your brand has something in common with - and sharpen every part of your marketing mix.

Every new brand, and every brand that decides it’s time for a rebrand starts with a case of writer’s block — staring at a nearly blank page, with only three unhelpful words at the top: Who are we? But why deal with the frustrating struggle to find originality when you can ask a different question: Who else is like us? It’s true; it’s incredibly valuable to compare yourself to brands that have already done the hard work and heavy lifting of becoming great at what they are. Why? •You’ll instantly gain insights as to what your tone could be [...]

Nutrition marketing that makes a fool of neither the consumer nor the brand.

Want to take loyalty from the guy next to you on the shelf? Find smart, simple ways to help confused consumers understand your buzz words.

Anaheim, California. Natural Products Expo West, the site of the Earth’s largest concentration of innovative food brands — and confounding buzz words. Sorry, but on this site, I position myself as a helper — a teacher if I’m being bold. And sometimes teacher has to scold the class. So, Expo West Class of 2018, you need to back up those buzz words with some actual knowledge surrounding how these miracle ingredients work. Here are snippets of a few of my conversations Her: “Our new cereal is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories!” Me: “What’s an anti-inflammatory?” Her: “You know, like [...]

Market Your Nutrition Brand to Create Balance and Preference

Team your food brand up with another that will help consumers balance their snacks. And help break the confusion cycle.

A hot new trend in food brand marketing is to team up with other brands to promote to a wider audience. It makes great sense. Each brand gets exposure to the other’s social media followers and the thought is, both will benefit in the exchange. So as long as you’re doing this, why not help consumers out by using your co-op to teach about one simple 'nutritional gotta-have' I talk about ad infinitum — balance. Why do I keep yammering on and on about this idea? Based on my own nutritional discoveries — you know, the ones I hint [...]

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Are food brands lying about nutrition? Or just marketing to fight for their lives?

Instead of tricks, gimmicks and deals to lure consumers away from the guy next to you on the shelf, build loyalty by helping people understand what to eat.

I found a new kindred spirit last week — Kristi Bridges of Health Craze and the Sawtooth Group. I mean, she cares about nutrition, she has a lot of experience in CPG and in her latest article, she thinks food brands are lying to consumers… …whoa, what? I mean, food brands are my bread and butter. Do I really want to call B.S. on my bread and butter? Well, actually, I do not. But not out of a strong genetic sense of pandering — I simply see a different side. For instance, when Kristi writes, “Even though we know [...]