96% of people say they want to eat “healthy.” But, they’re actually baffled about what that really means.
People are confused when it comes to what to eat and why. So they bounce around from brand to brand and trend to trend. You will gain loyalty and get beyond impulse trial if you help them. And here’s where I come in. Yes, I’m a marketing guy with a full-service agency behind me (LRXD.com). Do I want you to hire me and us? Of course, and you should because we’re a bunch of brilliant, results-driven people. But instead of shouting, “choose me,” I’m gonna earn your trust by giving away everything I know about food marketing. So we can all win, starting with the people that need to win the most, your consumers.

Nutrition marketing that explains

What tiny little piece of confusion could you clear up for people? And how could that one little thing make a difference for your brand, leading to brand love? See how Lundberg does it.

Hey, it's Eric with the 30 Second Marketing Snack. A highly digestible brand and one thing they're doing, you might want to study. Lundberg Family Farms. There was a survey a while back, people were asked “What is non-GMO and what is organic?” And the majority had no idea, but Lundberg solves it all in one simple line. Organic is non-GMO and more. One point of clarification and one step higher toward brand love. So be digestible like Lundberg, and thanks.

Nutrition marketing that’s unapologetic

When a brand puts a fist in the air on the behalf of the brand, meh. But when you put a fist in the air on behalf of the consumer — oh man, now you’ve got something. So try that and watch all the good that happens.

Hey, it's Eric with the 30 Second Marketing Snack. Today, I've got Made In Nature. Man, if you go to their website, read their manifesto, you get all fired up. It's like we're unapologetically organic. You could talk like that too, just maybe try to flip it, you know, to a benefit for the consumer. Like, here's to being unapologetically awesome. It's just that simple. So be digestible, like Made In Nature, and thanks.

Nutrition marketing that solves not sells

How much would you surprise consumers if your brand started talking about trying to help people solve a bigger problem than just shoving something in their mouths? Guarantee your competitors aren’t thinking that way. Wanna beat em?

Hey, it's Eric. So I just got back from this unbelievable event put on by these people right here, Baby Bathwater. Exotic location, really successful entrepreneurs, and one key rule: no pitching, no selling, no marketing, and it was like, “Oh my God,” it was so awesome to get off of that hamster wheel and just have these incredible conversations with people who are trying to solve problems. So what you could do, what people could do is like, "Oh, I'm passionate about that problem. Maybe you're bringing this to that problem and I could bring this to [...]

Nutrition marketing that changes a life

Can a food brand change a life? Yeah, maybe — if the people behind that brand help a consumer navigate today’s confusing world of eating and nutrition. Can you even do that? I’d argue, yes you can. And you should.

Hey, it's Eric. And I'd like to just take a minute to tell you a little bit of a personal story. So eight years ago or so, I was not in good shape physically or emotionally really about myself, my body. I was 30 pounds heavier, I had high cholesterol, I didn't know what to do in the gym or in the kitchen or in the grocery store. And thankfully through a series of happy accidents, I got my you know what together. I discovered CrossFit and then Paleo and then Zone and then macro counting and then [...]

Nutrition marketing that tethers

What happens when you create a connection between your brand and your would-be consumer? You get some trust and dare I say, some brand love. Is it as simple as a game of tetherball? Maybe.

Hey, it's Eric. Today's word is tether. It's a word we don't use very much. And for me, that word reminds me of tetherball. It's a game that we had in our backyard growing up where the goal is to bat this ball that's on a rope that's connected to a pole, back and forth until you can get it to wrap all the way around the pole and touch. And that means you win the game. And the metaphor is you and your competitor and that ball is the consumer. And man, you guys are batting that [...]

Nutrition Marketing That Doesn’t Assume

We food people and marketing people understand a lot more about our products than consumers do. So it’s easy for us to gloss right over something that could give people a new reason to buy. What cool little tidbit could you tell people that would increase sales?

Hey it's Eric with The Thirty Second Marketing Snack, a highly digestible brand and a tip for making it even better. Oloves. I love the name, the package, the flavor, the cheeky attitude. I'd love to hear them say, "Hey, everybody knows olive oil is the best fat around but this right here is olive oil's mama, and it's a whole lot more fun to eat." So, be digestible like Oloves, and thanks.

Nutrition Marketing From The Golden Circle

Simon Sinek talks about finding your “why.” But it’s hard, so here’s a quick example I came up within 15 minutes. Think about this; talk it over with your team or just call me and I’ll help you with no expectations. And I’ve got 35 other people at my agency who’ll help too.

Hey, it's Eric. You know, I believe that we in the food biz tend to say a lot of the same kinds of things. We talk about taste. We talk about guilt free snacking. We talk about free from. I argue that if you could put some time into figuring out three core statements about your brand, your what, your how, and your why, and really dial those suckers in, you could blow the doors off of your competition and reach what I like to call brand love. So instead of some esoteric advice about this, I would [...]

Nutrition marketing that just seems more real

The natural channel is loaded with a mith brands (and more every day), promising all kinds of benefits. But I bet consumers will always go with the one that seems the most real. Check out how Honey Mama’s does it. What can you learn?

Hey, it's Eric with the Thirty Second Marketing Snack, a highly digestible brand and a tip for making it even more so. Honey Mama’s. You got to get a hold of some of this stuff man. Go to Sprouts, go online, but get it and eat of it. Now the tip, as they grow, and they will, I argue they can be even more earthy and soulful with this package. And they should because with all the tricky stuff going on in food today, real is the deal. Okay. So be digestible like Honey Mamas and thanks. [...]

Nutrition marketing that educates without the heavy hand

You can warn people against bad ingredients without scaring them or putting anyone else down. Like Quinn Snacks does. So want to be competitive without the grumpy tone? Apply what Quinn is doing to your brand.

Hey, it's Eric with the Thirty Second Marketing Snack. A highly digestible brand, and a tip for making it even better, Quinn's snacks. You know, a lot of snacks are made with GMO corn, and these guys are saying that's not good in a really friendly way. I'd love to see them say hey, “don't just cut things out of your diet because some blogger tells you to. Get a food sensitivity test and find out for real what your body really likes and what it doesn't.” Okay, be digestible, like Quinn, and thanks.

Nutrition marketing with more Rhythm

Every brand talks up the benefits of its product, but how about going beyond that one thing to a bigger idea? You’ll seem less like you’re selling and more like you’re helping. Here’s an example, featuring Rhythm Superfoods.

Hey, it's Eric with the Thirty Second Marketing Snack, a highly digestible brand and a tip for making it even more so, Rhythm Superfoods. These guys are making it so easy for people to get more fruits, vegetables, and fiber into their diets. I'd love to hear them say, "Hey, our snacks are amazing, but try roasting kale, carrots and beets and see how incredible they can be too." Okay, be digestible, like Rhythm and thanks.