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I have a very specific perspective on marketing a food brand today — brands are blowing it right by people who could be incredibly loyal customers for life. That’s it. They’re confused; in your efforts to “help” them, you’re making matters worse.

What I’m offering today is the first installment of a series of steps brand new and established brands can use (or not use) to fix this problem and succeed while others just keep right on slugging it out with the guy next to them on the shelf.

A few of the topics I’m covering:

  • How to create a story that lives beyond the package — one that can be the catalyst for every consumer interaction you have — one that gets people on your side before they ever taste the product
  • How to de-baffle consumers and earn trust and preference by actually explaining your ingredients and benefits, instead of just screaming the latest “miracle”
  • How to break your marketing efforts into small, medium and large — based on where your consumers are in their level of nutrition knowledge and understanding
  • How to win by being the calm in the storm

And a whole lot more.

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