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I started writing copy when I was 25 — so roughly a thousand years ago. During that millennia, I’ve had the good fortune to work with a wide range of incredible brands including, Naked Juice, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Perfect Bar, Core Power Yoga, Noodles & Company, Jack Links Beef Jerky, Jimmy John’s and so many more.

In 2011, I upped the ante in my personal life and started a journey that’s absolutely maximized my diet, fitness, health, wellbeing and longevity. My eating is dialed in with an incredible level of precision, I see a body that’s always been hidden under varying amounts of fat. And this has all caused a curiosity: as I look around at other people, listening to their “try this,” “try that” stories, I’ve wondered, “Where is this confusion coming from? And who, if anyone can fix it?”

The answer to those questions start and end with, the people who make the food.

So now, I’m combining all that learning and motivation with my marketing chops to help brands differentiate, break through and win at the shelf, all by helping consumers figure out the biggest question in life?

“What the hell am I supposed to eat?”

Phone: 303.332.9834