96% of people say they want to eat “healthy.” But, they’re actually baffled about what that really means.
My belief: food brands could fix the problem. This all comes from the personal: In 2011, I started a journey that’s maximized my diet and wellbeing. And now, I’m combining that learning with my marketing chops to help brands win at shelf and create consumer loyalty. Enjoy.

Marketing Your Nutrition Brand by Embracing a Great Story – In and Out of the Aisle

How taking a page from Dave’s Killer Bread can inspire loyalty for your brand

Some brand stories take a while to find and craft. Some others are just too obvious to ignore. Let me tell you a brand story – nay – a brand LEGEND. Once upon a time (let’s call the time the 1970s), there was a family of bakers (let’s call them the Dahl family), who made the finest bread in the land (Portland to be exact). The family also had six children, who learned to work at the family bakery from a young age. One of those kids - Dave – started his adult life down a not-so-good path. He took [...]

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A Nutrition Marketing Story That’s a Damn Good Catch

Even if you don’t have a disruptive food product, Good Catch is a great example of how to get on message, educate confused eaters and cast the widest possible consumer net.

“Fish story,” in case you’re one of the four people who don’t know, is a euphemism for stretching the truth. I guess because fisher people are famous for enthusiastically overestimating the size of their catches. And while I’ve never caught a fish of any length, I can spot the branding equivalent of a fish story a nautical mile away. This brings me to Good Catch, a company striving to create and market a line of plant-based foods that look and taste like seafood. Should you follow their example, or swim the other direction? Follow. Really, seriously follow. These guys [...]

Nutrition Marketing That Wins by Zagging

Your brand has so many competitors — but you can beat them all by finding a point of difference that leads to a story that leads to repetition and differentiation.

Plant-based foods are all the rage — especially burgers. Why? Because everyone loves a burger, and vegetarians and vegans feel super left out when all their buddies are mowing away while the plant eaters are relegated to, what, a salad? Double burger without the burger? And the plant-based burger was born. And what’s the holy grail of the plant-based burger? You got it, the plant-based burger that’s just like a beef burger! Enter Good Seed Burgers. They’re apparently pretty good — but a look at their store locator says, they’re pretty darn small. Why? Maybe they don’t really truly [...]

Better Nutrition Marketing Through Puffed-Up Passion

Your amazingly innovative food brand needs more than great taste — find either a point of passion that connects to the founder, a foil to roil against — or both. And open more doors, minds and mouths.

Oh man, do I love a puff. That light, airy, barely-there texture is something I’ve always been willing to dive head first into. Preferred the puffy Cheetos to the crunchier version. Never minded the cheese fingers. And now, really hate the fact, the vast majority of these magic pillows of flavor are made with corn. And that hate offers up one of two possible story lines for a new brand I’m really excited to jam into my gob. It’s Spudsy, a yet-to-be-launched, better-than-ever puff made primarily of sweet potatoes. If you visit the site, you’ll find a nice, albeit [...]

Using Netflix to Help Market Your Nutrition Brand

How the Many Food Shows of Netflix Can Inform How Your Brand Should Talk to Consumers

Ah, Netflix. Home of day-long TV binges, forgotten blockbusters, countless hours of my life and now, a sneaky amount of delicious food porn. From baking competitions to travel programs to gourmet docu-series, your favorite streaming service has quietly become a titan of food-related entertainment. The people at Netflix have obviously seen the interest confused consumers have in learning about what they eat and are capitalizing on that interest, one show at a time. So, why can’t we, as marketers, use this information to our advantage as well? Now that we know what people are watching, let’s take a look [...]

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Can Nutrition Marketing Work Without a Story?

Your food brand might be doing just great through distribution, price and taste, but a differentiating story can keep your consumer base growing, stave off competition and help ensure your continued success.

In the beginning, there were Snap Pea Crisps — and they were good. A brand new idea in snacking — green peas, ground up, mixed with magical dusts, reshaped to resemble a pea pod, baked, bagged and eaten by the billions. I can only assume this last part, since the brand is still around, rebranded Harvest Snaps to allow the company to deliciously enslave other legumes — lentils and  black beans thus far. Today, I tried one of their latest incarnations — Black Bean Mango Chili Lime. A-mazing flavor, albeit with a slight aftertaste that’s easily removed by simply [...]

Nutrition Marketing That Maximizes A Great Story Hook

When you find some amazing insight that connects to your brand, own it, expand it, make it the keystone of your marketing and be known for something amazing.

Simple Mills makes crackers, cookies, bake mixes and frosting. It’s a super-tidy looking brand with a story that’s, sorry, a little bland — but with an absolutely golden gem of an un-maximized opportunity. See if you can spot it in this first paragraph: “Simple Mills enriches lives and bodies through simple, delicious, real foods. We strive to make healthful choices easy by offering food that tastes great in the moment and nourishes your body for the long-term.” Three words, I think, could thrust a fist-in-the-air on behalf of the consumer that makes, not only a great story, but also [...]

Marketing Nutrition With A Story That Says, “Dang”

Imbue your story with likeability AND truth — back it up with a great tasting product people can feel good about eating and you’ve got a recipe for consumer clarity and loyalty.

When Pepsico announced its intent to buy Bare Snacks, it was huge news. And deserving — Bare has great products, great innovation, great name. It might surprise you to find out, Bare’s biggest competitor actually created the coconut chip category. And Dang is no slouch either. In fact, they’ve really been coming on in the past couple years. New design, new products and a dialed-in story that, for me, covers all the bases. Let’s take a look at the front of pack — after all, that’s where your story must start. You only have a few seconds to get [...]

Nutrition Marketing That Wins Through A Kick-Ass Story

Get the story right, make it a fist-in-the-air pitch on behalf of your beliefs — and your consumers, and you’ll be able to make every tactic work harder, easier.

I talk about the story a lot. You might even wish I’d stop talking about it. But I’m just not gonna. Because in my experience and in my belief, the story is the most important thing you can create to get your marketing off on the right foot — and it keeps paying dividends, for the lifetime of your brand.Why? What are the reasons you should put so much effort into the creation and crafting of your brand story?A strong, ownable, defendable story gives you an identity right off the bat — sure, your logo and packaging do that too, [...]

Nutrition Marketing That Follows My Rules

Take a page out of Perfect Bar’s playbook — which takes a page out of mine — and stop letting the haters control YOUR conversation.

I like to shoot my mouth off. And when it comes to sugar, I’ve shot it off at least a couple times on this site. Here and here to be exact. I’ve also been fairly verbose about the importance of taking an active part in the conversations that surround the types of products you make — especially the ingredients in your products, which brings me back to the sugar thing and an excellent example of exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, it’s Perfect. It’s the email featured at the top of this article from, yes, of course, Perfect [...]