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Two Weeks to Truth™

Painless, breakthrough brand positioning.

The problem:

Anyone with a deep understanding of marketing understands how the perfect brand positioning strategy makes everything easier and more successful — everyone speaks the same language, messaging tactics have a built-in filter and of course, the biggest benefit — your brand stands apart from all the others instead of saying virtually the same. exact. thing. So what makes finding that perfect position so hard?

  • Thinking from the brand’s perspective, not the consumer’s.
  • Not being doggedly skeptical about what the brand is and isn’t.
  • Hiring a Brand Consultancy that takes too much time, costs too much money and drops a deck on your desk that STILL has to be translated by an agency.
  • Settling for a “shades of gray” positioning instead of something truly, provocatively differentiating.
  • Employing a process that silos stakeholder opinion instead of one that naturally creates alignment.

The solution:

Two Weeks to Truth cuts through all the nonsense to give your brand a position that’s powerful and ownable. One that makes it easy for consumers to see the difference between you and your competitors in seconds. One that can easily drive (and even dictate) messaging tactics. One that drives performance (and profits) higher, faster.

What led to this process:

  • Once upon a time, a lowly copywriter became frustrated with Creative Briefs that made the entire creative team say, “What do we do with this?”
  • There was no power, no single-minded consumer benefit, no point of greatness from the brand — it was all just a bunch of copy points to shove in an ad, a website or whatever.
  • Later down the road, the same copywriter was exposed to workshop processes that generated similar wallpaper paste. The breakout groups and silly exercises may have made the moderators happy, but the clients wondered what they just paid for.

The benefits:

  • You’ll align as a decision-making group around the toughest questions about your brand.
  • I guarantee you’ll discover ways to talk about your brand you’ve never thought of.
  • You walk out of the room with a renewed excitement for your brand and its potential.
  • You’ll clearly see opportunities for setting your brand apart, not in shades of gray — but substantively.
  • Since I’m a writer by discipline you’ll start to see these concepts play out in consumer-facing language, fast.
  • There’s no wasted time, no silly exercises. We get down to business and get a tremendous amount done in our day (or sometimes, two) together.
  • In the end, you’ll have a powerful tool to inform internal and external marketing teams with single minded, fully-differentiated concepts.