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I can bring any of the topics on this blog to life — for any audience, large or small.

So, why would you want me to speak to your group?

  • This is more than just motivation — my topics are about leadership — hearing them in person really drives the point home
  • We build concepts through group skepticism — I can easily build in a workshop period to my talk, which allows the room to bombproof topics and build new ones
  • We walk out with an action plan. Sure, a speech can get people fired up, but let’s have the goal of leaving with a real to-do list
  • Okay, it’s freaking fun. On stage, I’m part philosopher, part stand-up comic, part terribly confused consumer. Your people will remember this presentation and ask for more.

Here are some of the topics we can cover together:

  • How to build a better story
  • How to get the whole team saying the same thing
  • How to outsmart and confound the competition by recommending them
  • How to bring disruptive nutritional technologies to consumers for the benefit of the brand
  • How to make your next packaging update more than just an update
  • How to build a tribe
  • How to sell more by selling less

And here are a few of my appearances/performances:

  • American Advertising Federation — “This Speech is Only Half Finished”
  • Pure Barre Annual Meeting — “Making Pure Barre an Emotional Brand”
  • First Western Trust Annual Meeting — “Introducing ‘A Connected View.’”
  • Cellular One Annual Meeting — “Can’t Touch This”
  • Cellular One Quarterly meeting — “Mondo Conglomo Cellular”
  • Ad Club Colorado — Food for Thought – Strategy and Account Planning (panelist)
  • The Denver Egotist — Once (panelist)
  • Two Weeks to Truth™ — Master of Ceremonies (100+ events)


People like what I’ve had to say:


“Eric had us enthralled. Our club walked away understanding how to better promote themselves and the industry.”

— Scott Kessler, Chairman at American Advertising Federation Akron


“There were 300 or so Pure Barre franshicees in attendance; a very opinionated group. But Eric’s presentation on how to rebrand the brand had everyone nodding approval. Afterwards, I had to ask him if he did stand up, the presentation was that funny and sticky.”

— Tiffany N. Currid, Pure Barre owner, Brooklyn, NY


“Kiker is not shy with his opinions, but unlike us, he leaves the ego at home.”

— The Denver Egotist